About me

Original art by me is available for purchase from Taiko. Unfortunately they only operate in Finland so far. If you are interested in buying any original art, but live outside Finland, contact j.m.saarenpaa@gmail.com !

Johanna Saarenpää, is a freelance illustrator and fine artist. She was born 1986 in Jakobstad, Finland. She has a fine art degree from Swedish Polytechnic Of Finland as well as a degree in biology from Åbo Akademi University .

She likes to use both digital and traditional media for her work, and loves to experiment with different styles. Her inspirations include biology and many different artists and illustrators. She finds fantastic and surreal art to be particularly compelling. She continues to strive to improve her technique as she believes technical skill to be just as important as one’s vision. Furthermore, she’s interested in painting subjects that are usually associated with illustration and storytelling.

Johanna is just starting out her career in art and hopes to take part in many exhibitions and do more freelance work in the future. So far she has created illustrations for Teecrowd and Jakobstadsnejdens Natur r.f. among others. She has also made private commissions for several clients. In February 2017 she held a solo art exhibition in Awake Collective, Helsinki but she also participated in group exhibitions in galleries like Galleria Fogga and Patruunagalleria. Additionally her work has been featured in the Light Space and Time Online Gallery and twice in the magazine ArtAscent.

If you want to contact her she prefers you to message j.m.saarenpaa@gmail.com, since she checks it almost daily. Johanna is fairly active in social media such as Facebook  and also sells prints, mugs, rugs and whatnot featuring her art on Society6. You can find her on Instagram as well, where she mostly posts images of works in progress.